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Adventure-based landscape and street photography.

Best quality prints and wall decor.

Professional editing and retouching.

My name is Kevin Michael Smith and I have been attached at the hand to a DSLR for the past 6 years. I began my photography journey as a child with one of those oversized polaroid cameras snapping candies of my family. From there I fell in love with the darkroom processes of film photography shooting my sister’s Nikon FM 10 back in high school. When I purchased my first DSLR, I experienced a life-changing moment of motivation and possibility. I was mesmerized by a perfectly blue sky filled with fluffy white clouds, bought my a Nikon D90, captured and shared that beautiful moment with all of my friends and family. The next several years of my photography life involved exhibiting my landscape photography in places like New York City, shooting countless concerts / live events, taking portraits of aspiring models and created press kits for amazingly talented artists. Currently, I am a traveling photographer based in Southeast Asia and I’m sure the best is yet to come... - KMS

Kevin Michael Smith

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