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Welcome to one of Bangkok's most wonderful green-spaces.King Rama IX Park is the largest park in Bangkok and stands at over 200 acres! This building is one of the main attractions since it contains a museum and has very distinct architecture but there are so many more interesting sites throughout the park grounds. 

This photo features one of the many gardens of King Rama IX Park... Sadly I could not fully explore this garden since I arrived around 5pm to catch the sunset but there is nothing wrong with having a reason to go back to this amazing place!

Soon after leaving the gate of the botanical garden, I found this striking sight. Immediately my mind started racing as to how I should frame this photo and I decided to use the natural foliage to guide the eye toward the central structure. Part of me was begging to wade through the water and climb inside but I decided that probably wasn’t the best idea!

Sometimes the most beautiful aspects of places are in the smallest details. Here are some of my favorite flowers I found while exploring...

This photo is currently one of my desktop backgrounds.  There is just something mesmerizing about the simplicity of this visual that even I as the photographer cannot really understand or express. The contrast between the dry cut lumber and the flourishing green overgrowth leaves me with a sense of calm inspiration which really makes me want to order a print of it for my apartment. I always try to fill my home with little things that inspire me. Somethings act in a direct way like a painting hanging on the wall or in an indirect way such as the tactile feeling of a coarse floor rug that I feel while barefoot and carefree. Nonetheless, I have been really trying to hone in on the little things in my home life to further my creativity and I think this photo will be a nice addition. How does this photo make you feel? What helps you to become inspired?

This structure caught my eye and is one of my favorite features of King Rama 9 Park. The natural materials mixed with the geometric design stopped me in my tracks and forced me to take a moment to appreciate it.

Following one of the trails away from the water, I soon found myself in this quiet natural sanctuary. Walking this path felt as if I was being embraced by the natural surroundings and caused my memory of the rest of the park to effortlessly fade away. I sat here listening to the water trickle until I saw the light change into the golden hour of sunset.

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